At DiFruscia Law Offices we have practiced practical law 24/7 since 1967. We believe that time is money, and recognize that both your time and assets are valuable to you. For this reason, we offer the following reasonable fees:

Hourly Rate:

  • Minimum Retainer
  • Description: The fee begins with the payment of a retainer (deposit, consultation fee) at the initial meeting with the attorney. The minimum retainer fee is $2500.00. After the initial meeting, the hourly rate is charged.
  • Cost: Our affordable legal fees range from $200/hour to $250/hour, depending on the experience of the attorney and the complexity of the case.
    • Note: For paralegal work we charge as low as $50/hour
  • Type of cases: criminal, divorce, family law, real estate, miscellaneous cases

Flat Fee:

  • Minimum Retainer
  • Description: a fixed fee charged for a particular legal problem
  • Types of cases: real estate, estate planning, elder law, criminal, divorce, family law, miscellaneous

Contingent Fees:

  • Description: 25% to 1/3 of lump sum settlement
  • Type of cases: bodily injury, auto accidents

Workers Compensation cases

  • Free consultation
  • Contingent Fee: 20% on lump sum settlement

What is a Contingent Fee?
A Contingent Fee is an alternative to having to pay for legal services up front. The attorney only gets paid if money is collected. The usual fee the attorney collects when he settles the case without going to trial is 1/3. This type of fee is most often used in Bodily Injury or Collection cases.

What is an Hourly Fee?
An Hourly Fee is usually charged in Criminal, Domestic, and Miscellaneous cases. The fee begins with the payment of a Retainer (Deposit, Consultation Fee) at the initial meeting with the attorney. After the initial meeting, an hourly rate is charged. The fee for senior lawyers is $300 per hour; associate lawyers are $200 per hour. Compare our fees, which are at least 50% less than Boston prices.

What is a Flat Fee?
A Flat Fee is a fixed fee charged to handle a particular legal problem. These are most often used when dealing with Real Estate, Estate Planning, and Elder Law. It may also be used for Criminal and Domestic cases.