Methuen Dog Bite Attorneys

A dog bite might seem trivial. In reality, animal attacks cause severe injuries and may have a lasting effect on an injured party, especially when a child is bitten by a dog. We are experienced Methuen dog bite lawyers who are well-prepared to help you obtain compensation as soon as possible to cover medical bills for reconstructive surgery or lost wages following the accident. Whether you are in Massachusetts or New Hampshire, we can help you.

For more than 40 years, the lawyers at DiFruscia Law Offices have vigorously represented victims of dog bites and other accidents. We understand that some dogs have a history of aggression and others may bite unexpectedly. No matter the circumstance, we know how to build a strong case for your compensation.

We have an extensive background successfully obtaining compensation for accident victims. When a dog bites and injures you, our attorneys will work vigorously to hold the dog owner accountable. Contact us today to schedule a free initial consultation.

Working to Obtain Maximum Compensation When a Dog Bites You

We have experience seeking compensation through a dog owner's home insurance policy under property liability laws. Our lawyers are committed to seeking the maximum amount of compensation possible in your situation to cover medical bills for rabies treatments or plastic surgery. Also, personal injury claims involving dog bites are unique, as accident victims are not required to prove that the dog bit them. Instead, dog owners are held strictly liable, even if the owner was not involved in the accident.

Our Past Insurance Experience Can Be Beneficial In Your Case

We provide you with experienced representation for all cases involving dog bites. Our personal injury practice includes attorneys who worked for insurance companies and who understand how these companies defend their cases. We know some dog owners are renters with no home insurance coverage. In that circumstance, we are ready to work to hold landlords accountable for dog bite accidents occurring on their property.

Preparing Cases for the Best Outcome Possible

Our preparation is thorough and meticulous. We examine all the evidence, from the dog's violent propensities to the types of wound marks, and from the necessity for reconstructive surgery to the need for emotional counseling. Our attorneys work closely with your doctors to determine the extent of your injuries, which may include:

We incorporate medical testimony and photos of your injuries into a compelling presentation to illustrate the seriousness of dog bites and the long-term effects. We provide compassionate support when dog bites cause an injury to a child and work diligently to ensure the compensation is adequate to cover both the physical and emotional trauma.

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