Experienced Guardianship Lawyers In Massachusetts

We are estate planning lawyers with more than 50 years of experience. Often, people avoid making estate plans thinking they can wait, but everyone needs one eventually. Tragedies occur without notice, often leaving families without clear direction as to their loved ones’ wishes when they pass away.

At DiFruscia Law Offices, we help families plan ahead in case of an emergency. The lawyers at our law firm have extensive experience developing comprehensive estate plans, including guardianships when necessary.

The person you name to be your child’s guardian will have the power to make legal decisions regarding your child’s medical and legal needs. You want the right person to have this authority. Protect your family by contacting our Salem attorneys to schedule an appointment.

Why Is Guardianship Important?

For more than five decades, our Haverhill family law attorneys have provided knowledgeable representation to families with complicated legal needs. We tailor our approach based on our clients’ individuals needs because every family’s situation is unique. In some circumstances, family members raise children after parents die tragically or are unable to raise the children. We have helped grandparents, uncles, aunts and other family members gain guardianship for children they are raising.

The attorneys at our law firm have also represented children and other family members of adults unable to care for themselves. We understand how difficult it is to see family members lose their independence, but they need protection from neglecting themselves or getting abused by others.

We have extensive experience in estate planning, and we are prepared to help you file the legal documents necessary to allow you to be appointed a guardian, which will provide you with important responsibilities, such as:

  • Safeguarding your loved one’s assets and providing asset protection
  • Protecting your loved one’s medical needs
  • Informing other family members on important decisions
  • Helping your loved one maintain as much independence as possible

Contact A Salem Guardianship And Power Of Attorney Lawyer

If you are concerned someone with the power of attorney is neglecting your loved one, we are ready to help you become a legal guardian. We have extensive experience in estate planning, and we are prepared to explain the responsibilities of becoming a guardian and assist you in becoming a guardian.

Contact our Merrimack Valley family law office or call 978-208-2566 to schedule an appointment.