What To Do At An Auto Accident Scene

Car accidents often result in shock and trauma, and it can be easy to forget what to do at an auto accident scene. Once you have reached an area that is removed from any immediate danger, it is important to take a moment to think about what needs to be done immediately and into the future.

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An Important Post-Accident Checklist

Although it may be difficult to concentrate on what must be done immediately following an accident, following this checklist can help strengthen any future personal injury claim you may have:

  • STOP immediately, but do not obstruct traffic.
  • ASSIST the injured. Have someone call police. Repeat after five minutes.
  • SECURE names, phone numbers, addresses of other drivers, witnesses and injured persons.
  • SECURE the make, model and license plate numbers of all cars involved.
  • MAKE a rough drawing of the scene, showing the position of cars and other details.
  • DON’T hastily accept a claim settlement at the scene of accident.
  • REMAIN calm, courteous and consistent when telling your version of the accident.
  • NOTIFY your insurance agent as soon as possible.

After you have taken care of yourself and others, it is important to seek experienced legal advice to ensure that you are informed of your legal rights.

Injured In An Accident? Contact A Methuen Lawyer As Soon As Possible

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