3 ways workers’ compensation protects construction workers

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Construction projects in Massachusetts help expand existing infrastructure, provide new housing and maintain older facilities. Whether you work in new construction or as a remodeling contractor, you have more risk of getting hurt on the job than employees in many other industries.

If you do end up falling from some scaffolding or getting struck by a tool, you could suffer injuries serious enough to force a lengthy leave of absence. When you get hurt on the job, you can claim workers’ compensation benefits.

How does the Massachusetts workers’ compensation program protect construction workers specifically?

With total medical coverage

For many injured workers, the most valuable protection extended by workers’ compensation will be full medical benefits. While many construction professionals do have health insurance offered through their employers, the coverage they have will likely pass some of the expenses on to them.

Co-pays, coinsurance and deductibles made make employees responsible for thousands of dollars of their own hair after a work injury. Workers’ compensation offers full coverage for necessary care, meaning that workers won’t have to pay for their treatment.

With protection for a leave of absence

Did you know that Massachusetts offers temporary incapacity or disability benefits for injured workers? After you get hurt and need to take time off to recover or to undergo medical treatment, like a surgery, workers’ compensation can offer you up to two-thirds of your average weekly wage until the doctor overseeing your treatment agrees that you are ready to go back to work.

In the rare situation where someone can never go back to work again, there are also permanent benefits available that will help replace a portion of their lost paycheck.

With protection for decreased functionality

Some people can go back to work but cannot perform the same job they once did. A permanent, partial disability could drastically reduce how much you earn for your labor. Permanent incapacity benefits can help cover some of the difference between what you made before your injury and the wage that you can come in now.

Many workers require a combination of these different benefits to cover their major expenses from a job injury. Learning about the benefits available through workers’ compensation will help you know what to claim when you get hurt.